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Member Referral Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?
Any current member can participate. Just pick up a Member Referral Card from the credit union or download from the website. Complete the Card by filling in the Soon-to-be Member's name and your name as the Referring Member. Hand the card to your co-worker or family member and ask that they give the card to a credit union representative that assists them in either opening a new checking or loan account. The card will be placed into a monthly drawing for prizes for the referring member and the Soon-to-be member will get $25.00 once their checking or loan account has been opened for at least 60 days.

How do I get credit for a referral?
Provide your Soon-to-be member with a member referral card making sure that you have printed your name on the "Referring Member" line. Remind the referring member to give the card to the representative of the credit union that is assisting them.

How does the Referring Member get awarded?
The referring member will have the referral card placed in a drawing that will occur on or about the fifth (5th) of each month for a prize (minimum $50.00). Only the winning card will be removed from the drawing. If you win you will be notified on how and when to receive your prize.

How does the New Member (Soon-to-be-Member) get awarded?
Award payouts are made approximately 70 days after an account or loan is opened. The $25.00 will be credited directly into the savings account.

Are there qualifications that New Members (Soon-to-be-Member) must meet?
Yes. The new member must:

  • Open a checking account or loan. For Youth Accounts a saving account is acceptable.

  • Enroll in E-Statements

  • Fund the new account within 30 days of opening.

I should have received $25, but I didn't get paid?
Award payouts are made approximately 70 days after an account or loan is opened. Contact Terri Jo at 727.442.7746 if you believe your award should have been paid.

Where is the $25 deposited?
We will deposit the $25 into your primary share savings account.

Can I track a referral?
Simply call City County Employees Credit Union at 727.442.7746 and ask for Terri Jo.

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